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Here are the facilitated corporate team building conference activity programs we offer. Click on the program name for more details, or click the cover image above for agendas and rates for all of our team building conference activities that we can bring to your meeting location in and around Atlanta. Still have questions? Call us at 404-848-1001.

Our Fully-Facilitated Conference Activities

  • 24:00 Hours

    Can your team outwit the spies before they escape, or will the bad guys get away with the stolen secrets? Your group is part of an elite squad tracking foreign spies in this hands-on escape room style adventure. Each team Read More
  • A Tasting Race

    Replace the standard cocktail reception with an international taste-testing teamwork race. This program is similar to our “Amazing Worldwide Race,” but teams solve clues to reach “countries” where everyone tries either a dessert item or a beverage from that country. Read More
  • Amazing Worldwide Race

    A fun and outrageous, high-energy, indoor team race that gets people working together to succeed. Teams solve clues that take them to exotic locations all around the world. Once they reach these locations, they will tackle a fun, location-themed challenge Read More
  • Apollo 13

    Teams race against the clock and the elements to save their team mates in this action-packed scenario. Teams must build a device that can connect two differently shaped “air filters” aboard the infamous spaceship out of an assortment of materials, Read More
  • Atlanta Train Trek

    Take the Atlanta metro rail system to see the sights, take pictures, solve trivia and have a blast. Using the local subway/train system for transportation, teams navigate around the city to see some of Atlanta’s biggest attractions and landmarks. Each Read More
  • Business Improv

    Hilarious hijinks help your team improve their active listening and brainstorming skills. In this fun and high energy event, teams learn specific skills for collaboration and brainstorming with their teammates, and then put those skills to use by creating an Read More
  • Charity Networking - Indoor

    Teams network while they overcome tough problems to help the less fortunate overcome tough situations. Everyone needs a hand now and then. In this program your team will work through a series of challenges to earn items to fill gift Read More
  • Charity Treasure Hunt

    A unique kind of treasure hunt, where teams earn cash to shop for items for people in need. Teams put on their thinking caps and their walking shoes in order to make a difference in this fun and fast-paced service Read More
  • Driven to Succeed

    An activity-based program that helps teams break out of silos and stop internal competition. In this fun, hands-on program, teams design and build a vehicle from an assortment of materials. They must meet certain design parameters, while staying within their Read More
  • Game Show

    An engaging mix of trivia, music, and hands-on challenges in a fun and competitive format. This lively team competition gets groups thinking and laughing together. Working in table-teams of 6-10 people, teams try to earn the highest score by correctly Read More
  • Go Kart Build

    A fun and exciting competition that brings out creativity and problem solving skills. Teams create the fastest, most original go-kart they can out of a selection of materials that offer a wide range of possibilities. Their problem solving and creative Read More
  • Haunted Hunt

    How many ghosts can your team hunt & capture using our special iPads, clues, and costumed characters? The local townspeople used to enjoy the occasional ghost haunting the historic area because they were great for tourism, but now the town Read More
  • iChase: Hi-Tech Hunt

    A high-tech technology-based treasure hunt with plenty of twists and turns along the way! iChase has all the fun of our regular Teamwork Hunts, but with added technology twists. Each team has their own tablet computer which contains all of Read More
  • Indoor Team Hunt

    An indoor version of our popular outdoor event. Great for days when it’s too wet or too hot outside. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, and sometimes teams want to take it a bit easier. Your team will solve puzzles, take Read More
  • Mini Golf Food Drive

    A fun program where teams develop their creativity and give back to the community. Teams of 8-10 people are given a wide assortment of materials and non- perishable food items which they use to design and build their own miniature Read More
  • Murder Mystery

    A meal time program that has a great balance of fun, problem solving, creativity and teamwork. Our Murder Mystery scenario is a great way to liven up your dinner, cocktail hour or reception while maintaining a team building component. Nine Read More
  • On the Right Track

    Break out of silos and increase team effectiveness while giving back to the community. Teams of 8-10 people build a play table and train set that will be donated to a local children’s charity. Teams will need to organize the Read More
  • Online Magazine

    The fast-paced fun of a treasure hunt, but with a creative twist, and a lot of laughs. Teams take on the role of photographers and reporters to create their own local interest on-line magazine. They will search the streets for Read More
  • Operation Donation

    Teams work to overcome a series of obstacles in order to build toys for kids of wounded soldiers. This is a team building event and service project combined into one exciting program. Teams of 8-10 participants overcome a series of Read More
  • Outbreak

    A true teamwork adventure that requires a wide variety of talents for the team to be successful. This adventure illustrates the importance of good planning, communication, and utilization of resources in order to achieve team success. Your team leads an Read More
  • Race For Excellence - Outdoor

    A fast-paced program that promotes strategic thinking and problem solving. Teams of 8-12 people attempt to accumulate as many points as they can in this fast-paced team strategy event. Several challenges with varying point values are arranged throughout the site Read More
  • Race For Excellence Indoor

    A fast-paced program that promotes strategic thinking and problem solving. Teams of 8-12 people attempt to accumulate as many points as they can in this fast-paced team strategy event. Several challenges with varying point values are available for teams to Read More
  • Survivors

    A fun, highly competitive program full of strategy, creativity, teamwork, and a little back-stabbing. Multiple team challenges abound in this fast-moving event! Each tribe competes for their team honor in a series of table-top and light movement challenges, while trying Read More
  • Team Leader 360

    Develop leadership skills for managers and supervisors with pragmatic content, discussions and activities. Being a leader is all about leading teams. In this fun but informative program, both current and future leaders get a foundational understanding of what a team Read More
  • Team Ventures

    60 - 90 minute interactive sessions full of great content, discussions and projects. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for a full team building session. If you have 60 to 90 minutes to fill, and want to make a strong point, Read More
  • Teamwork Hunt

    Teams walk, solve clues, overcome challenges, have fun, and get to know each other better. Teams put on their thinking caps and their walking shoes in order to outsmart their competition in this fun and fast - paced team building hunt. Read More
  • Teamwork Quest

    A series of mentally challenging, hands-on activities to test and build your team’s character. This is the perfect program for teams that want the challenge of a ropes course, but without the physical demand. We present the Teamwork Compass,TM which Read More
  • Think Like A Team

    A half-day workshop that enhances communication skills, creative problem solving, and teamwork. Through a combination of cutting-edge tools, interactive learning, and hands-on challenges, your team will gain valuable insights into their thinking and decision making styles, and how to appreciate Read More
  • Toy Raiders

    Build your team’s commitment to excellence, while making a difference to local kids. The scene is set in Egypt, as teams of 8-10 participants work their way through the archeological site of an ancient Egyptian temple to obtain the parts Read More
  • Treasure Chest

    Use your collective skills to find multiple treasures to donate to charity in this tabletop adventure. Can your band of privateers find and retrieve all of the lost toys using the maps and clues taken from the pirates? In this Read More
  • Unstoppable Leaders

    A powerful goal setting experience that motivates teams to perform at their best. We have all seen countless goal setting methods, and yet many groups (and their individual members) still seem to flounder. In many cases, the biggest obstacle to Read More
  • Win It In Minutes

    An outrageous competition that pits teams against each other in a series of hilarious challenges. This is one of our most outlandish events, full of crazy games and sidesplitting laughs as teams attempt to earn as many points as possible Read More
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