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"From all of us at Georgia Pacific we would like to say THANK YOU!!! You did a wonderful job of helping us break down barriers, work together and have FUN! Thank you very much for putting this together and pulling it off flawlessly."

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Team Building Treasure and Scavenger Hunts in Atlanta

Download Facilitated Team Building Scavenger Hunts CatalogAtlanta Challenge has several different types of team building treasure hunts available for business groups. They are a great way to get your people moving without pushing them too hard. We get your whole team involved in finding secret locations, solving riddles, answering trivia, taking pictures and other fun tasks. The teams network with each other often to allow for as much overall group interaction as possible.

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All of our hunt programs are fully facilitated. Download the full agenda and pricing for all our professional team hunts here, or browse options below. If you have questions or would like to book an event, contact us at or 404-848-1001.

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Here are the team building scavenger/treasure hunts we offer. All hunts are fully facilitated, and include the use of cameras for the duration of the program, and downloadable pictures after the event. Click on the program name for more details, or click the cover image above for agendas and rates for all of our team building scavenger hunt events. Still have questions? Call us at 404-848-1001.

Teamwork Hunts

Our original and most popular hunt! Teams race to earn points by solving clues, finding hidden locations, taking outrageous pictures of themselves, and competing against other teams in mini-challenges. Available locations include Buckhead, Roswell, Historic Alpharetta, Downtown Atlanta, Old Norcross, Decatur, Marietta Square and Zoo Atlanta. Prefer to go somewhere else? Just let us know!
PDF Available! Teamwork Scavenger/Treasure Hunt details and Agenda PDF

Race Around the World fun team building eventRace Around the World

Teams take a competitive Race Around the World, without leaving the event location! In this high-energy program, teams solve clues that take them to exotic locations all over the world. At each location, they tackle a fun, location-themed challenge as quickly as they can before moving on to their next mission. The winner is the team that finishes with the most points, which keeps everyone engaged right up until the exciting end.

PDF Available! More about Race Around the World

iChase Hi-Tech Team Treasure HuntiChase: The Hi-Tech Hunt

iChase has all the fun of our regular Teamwork Hunts, but with added technology twists. Each team has their own tablet computer which contains all of their mission information. Teams race to earn points by solving clues, taking pictures, answering trivia, and finding special locations which will have a variety of challenges to overcome. As they travel, teams can see where other teams are on their GPS map, know everyone’s score, and send text messages and screen blocks.

PDF Available! More about iChase: the Hi-Tech Treasure Hunt

The Great GPS Chase - team scavenger hunt program

The team is taught how to use a map, GPS, compass and other tools (known as orienteering) in order to find as many hidden sites as they can. Along the way, they have other fun brainteasers, trivia and photo challenges to tackle, and some hands-on challenges to complete at a few of the destinations. Planning, integrating various skill sets, and effective use of time are the determining factors of success.
PDF Available! Download agenda and rates for The Great GPS Chase

Adventure Hunts


This adventure illustrates the importance of good planning, communication, and utilization of resources in order to achieve team success. Your team heads into the jungle on an important rescue mission. Each member of the team is taught a different skill, and then must come together to accomplish their mission. Team members use a map, compass and GPS to find several sites that contain valuable items that need to be retrieved. When they arrive at each location, they will find unique challenges they must engineer a solution to, using only the resources that they have decided to bring with them. This is a great program for groups that want to emphasize the importance of appreciating everyone's unique skills.
PDF Available! Download Expedition outdoor team building program details and agenda PDF


The format of this event is similar to Expedition, except this program can be held at an office park, hotel or other "urban" environment. This adventure illustrates the importance of good planning, communication, and utilization of resources to achieve team success. Your team undergoes an important recovery mission into an area contaminated by biological hazards. Team members use a map, compass and GPS to find several sites that contain "toxic" items that need to be retrieved. When teams arrive at each location, they find unique challenges they must engineer a solution to, using only the resources they decided to bring with them.
PDF Available! Download Outbreak event details and pricing

Business Simulation Hunts

Teamwork Magazine Team Building Event

Teams become photographers and reporters and create their own local interest magazine. They will search the streets for material to fit different stories and other fun and challenging projects. Teams assemble their magazines, then rate each other’s projects. This is a great project for teams that want to stretch their creative muscles and build their ability to collaborate and communicate.

Zoo Tycoon Team Building Event

Teams take on the role of developers competing for a contract to build a new exhibit at the zoo. Each team must research existing attractions, interview the public, and study traffic patterns in order to give a presentation to the “philanthropic organization” funding the new project. The event focuses on understanding customer needs, identifying opportunities, and delivering compelling presentations.

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