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"From all of us at Georgia Pacific we would like to say THANK YOU!!! You did a wonderful job of helping us break down barriers, work together and have FUN! Thank you very much for putting this together and pulling it off flawlessly."

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Atlanta Challenge Team Building Pricing and Rates

" "So what does a team building event cost?

This question is much like asking "how much is a car," or "what does a house cost?" Like with those items, the answer for what team building costs depends on exactly what you want. Here are the main elements that we at Atlanta Challenge use to determine our relative rates on different events. For a list of programs with exact pricing, click the link at the bottom of the page that describes your group, or call us at 404-848-1001.

  • Program/type of event Team building programs that require more up-front preparation, more customization, more staffing, or more skill to run will tend to be more expensive. "Out of the box" programs are often more affordable.
  • Group size Smaller groups tend to have a higher cost per person, because it takes almost as much work to prepare for a small group as for a large one.
  • Type of group Corporate events are more involved than team building events for student groups, and our pricing reflects this.
  • Being local Atlanta Challenge has some of the most affordable team building programs available. We keep our costs low by staying local, using high-quality, local staff, and using good business practices. We pass those savings on to you in the form of lower rates for programs in and around metro Atlanta. Events farther away have an added travel expense, but even with that we will often beat the competition.

How Atlanta Challenge Team Building Event Pricing Works

Each event listed in our packets has a rate chart at the bottom of the first page. To calculate what the total would be, just multiply the number of people in your group times the appropriate rate. For standard events taking place in metro Atlanta, there are NO additional charges, fees or taxes. The only time there would be a different rate would be if you wanted some extra customizing to your event, or your location is outside the metro Atlanta area.

To receive a complete information packet by email which includes the best events for your group size and type as well as rates, choose the link that best describes your group, or call us at 404-848-1001.

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